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Produce a difference in the manner in which you think about Dan Helmer

She’s working for the Democratic nomination in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. About the Democratic Primary in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Is there anyone else who is working in the Democratic primary? A former instructor and longtime community manager, Lewis is likewise an applicant for Charlottesville City Council. Jennifer Lewis is a new member of the Charlottesville City Council.

He also earned his Ph. Don McEachin has served as a fellow member and a lawyer of the House of Delegates. Dan Helmer is a Bronze Star-winning Army veteran who has served in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was appointed to the role of director of technology at the Department of State in the Obama administration, and he is now running for Congress once again, this time to challenge incumbent Democrat Don McEachin. In 2024, he ran for Congress, losing to Republican Tom Perriello by 432 votes.

From George Washington Faculty, where he studied Systems Engineering. Which of these state agencies most often involves Dan Helmer? Here’s a listing of most of the bills that Helmer has been on in the past, and the participation of his with them. Helmer most frequently acts on the CGO, CLGO, and House District. A few are a little fuzzy, although you need to be able to figure them out yourself. Dan also strongly supports DACA and is opposed to the initiatives by the Trump Administration or Congress to undermine its protections.

Where does Dan Helmer stand on immigration problems? Dan supports fair immigration reform that supports families and also builds bridges, not walls. Don McEachin voted to abolish ICE which could jeopardize the security of our service participants and also border agents. Don McEachin voted against border safety measures to secure the border and stop America healthy. A vote for Dan Helmer is a vote for veterans.

A vote for Don McEachin is really a vote against veterans. Don McEachin voted against the Defense Spending Bill that supported troops, veteran pay raises, and army advantages. This evaluation by the Federal Elections Commission indicates that Don McEachin has made over 200 payments to his brother – who was convicted of fraud. McEachin’s brother today he is under federal indictment for bank fraud. This was reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Don McEachin voted against funding for the Department of Veteran Affairs. The funds went to McEachin’s legal defense fund. It’s not clear what these payments were for. Don McEachin refuses to discuss exactly how he came into this money. The VSO has went on to be one of VA’s more effective partners.

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